We embrace a model for development that taps into experiences,
expertise and resources of schools and communities.

We embrace a model for development that taps into the experiences, expertise and resources of the schools and communities with whom we engage.

Recognising that we don't have all the answers needed to address concerns, we seek to enter into partnerships with schools that are already pro-actively working towards tackling social concerns, despite a potential lack of resources.

If your school is interested in partnering with us, please have a look under the process and contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.



All our services are complimentary to the school community because of partnerships we have established with individuals and private and public businesses. The amount of funding we have available will determine if and how many new school offices can be opened each year.



We contact principals who have indicated that they are interested in entering into a partnership or approach principals within a strategic area. A partnering school needs to provide an office space or classroom to be converted to a Community Keepers office.



We enter into a formal partnership with the school by signing a formal contract stipulating the responsibilities of both parties. After this, the construction of the office starts whereafter services are implemented.