We provide c.a.r.e. which includes Counselling, crisis intervention, containment and check-ins, Anchoring workshops where participants get to build up their own toolbox of techniques, Referral pathways and resources, and we work together to build an Environment or culture of well-being.

Our Impact

We all need and deserve a safe space and a safe person to confide in, and an opportunity to build a toolbox of skills.

When you walk into a CK room you feel welcome, you can be yourself and say what is on your mind.

Our programs are evidence based.  We work closely with a range of academics from the University of Cape Town, University of Bath (UK) and Stellenbosch University.

Some things are not discussed in homes and some things are not taught in schools.  We provide a platform for personal and professional development where we table those difficult conversations and listen to diverse views.  You will never be judged in a CK room.

Learners, teachers, parents and guardians from our partner schools may attend our workshops at no charge.  Everyone is welcome.