We provide crisis counselling, therapy, referrals and support groups.  On the prevention side, we host wellbeing workshops (where you start to build up your own inner toolbox of techniques) for over 50 000 learners, and their caregivers, at our 79 partner school communities in low income areas across South Africa.

We work together to destigmatise mental health issues, destigmatise help seeking behaviour and enhance mental health literacy.

Our Impact

Community Keepers is concerned about the mental health of young people and seeks to build a culture of wellbeing by

  • planting services, on-site, at schools that service low income communities;
  • offering professional therapy as well as mental health first aid check-ins;
  • hosting resilience building workshops;
  • creating relevant resources and sharing them freely through an online library;
  • initiating and participating in research;
  • collaborating to extend our impact
  • and lobbying for change.

Our child-friendly rooms provide a safe space for professional therapy as well as mental health first aid check-ins.

Innovation and impact go hand in hand, and we continually research, develop and implement new services with the aim of reaching more people and meeting each child wherever they are in their journey.

In group sessions, participants are invited to table difficult conversations and have the opportunity to build up their own toolbox of techniques.
In supportive parent workshops and educator professional development sessions, we share ideas and practical tools on how to manage their own anxieties and to create enabling and motivating environments in the home and classroom.