Our Team

Patron: Sherlin Barend

Sherlin Barends

CEO: Gerrit Laning

Gerrit Laning

The management team includes:

  • CEO, Gerrit Laning, M. Th. (Clinical Pastoral Care)
  • five Area Managers
    • Elanie van Zyl, B. Psych
    • Juhanne Britz, B. Psych
    • Mieke van der Merwe, B Social Work
    • Ria Heystek, B. Ed Psych (Hon)
    • Sherize Nel, B. Psych
  • Marketing, Media and Fundraising Executive, Meriel Bartlett, B. Soc. Sci. (Industrial Sociology)
  • Communications and Administrative Manager, Emily Pillay, B Social Work
  • supported by our Administrative Assistant, Vivian Muller, B. Th.

Our operations team, who work on-site at our 29 partner schools, includes:

  • social workers
  • psychologists
  • registered counsellors
  • and mental health first aiders

We ensure that all of our employees are well equipped with the latest, relevant skills needed to execute our interventions and for every four hours of therapeutic intervention our practitioners receive one hour of supportive supervision.