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Resources which you are welcome to share

>> Calming and Grounding Techniques for Stress and Anxiety

>> Grade 9 subject choices > Presentation

>> Practical Tips for Teachers in the Classroom

>> #StopGBVandBullying Campaign Posters (English, Afrikaans, Xhosa)

>> Anti-Bullying Pledge

Self efficacy by educational psychologist Amanda van der Vyver



Storyline Series Episode #1 – Meet Themba (English)

Storyline Reeks Episode #1 – Ontmoet vir Themba (Afrikaans)

Storyline Series Episode #1 – Dibana noThemba (Xhosa)

Meet Charlie – a story about resilience and self-efficacy

Parenting during times of uncertainty

A discussion about quality time

Stop, Think and Reflect

Active Listening (English)

How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime

Tips for Teachers: Depressive Symptoms in Children

Career guidance and the future of work by Jared Molko, Yenza

A safety network

Managing your own anxiety

Storyline Series Episode #2 – Meet Mary (English)

Storyline Reeks Episode #2 – Ontmoet vir Mary (Afrikaans)

Storyline Series Episode #2 – Meet Mary (Xhosa)

Self-care for Educators

Practical Ideas for Parents

A discussion about coping and growth during challenging times

Mental health – take action

CK Aktiewe Luister (Afrikaans)

How to Raise Kids Who Can Overcome Anxiety

Tips for Teachers: Conduct Disorder in Children

Stress Management Part 1

Keeping Routine

Stress Management Part 2

Sensory Check-In

Emotions (Afrikaans)

Drawing up a self care plan

Emotions (English)

Stress management for Educators