16 Social Worker vacancies, for unemployed people (Start date: 1 July)

Social Work Awareness Month puts the focus on how the profession helps people and communities to overcome hurdles that prevent them from thriving. The theme for 2023 is Social Work Breaks Barriers and, for Community Keepers, one of the barriers is the barrier to access. Instead of expecting a vulnerable learner to make their way to a Social Worker, we bring the Social Workers to the leaners by opening an office at partner schools where learners, educators and parents/caregivers have free access.

Minister of Social Development in the Western Cape, Sharna Fernandez, recently said: “The Western Cape Department of Social Development employs 748 social workers, 250 social auxiliary workers, and 158 social work professionals at various levels. I wish to give a voice to those in the service who so tirelessly serve the people of this province, changing lives every day. Social workers face enormous challenges that can often impact their mental well-being, yet they continue focusing on the people who need them the most. We will continue highlighting the ordinary women and men, who are doing extraordinary work for us across our province. Their stories may just inspire another generation to pick up the baton and enter the field!”

At Community Keepers, we employ Social Workers and Social Auxiliary Workers and as part of our expansion plan, supported by National Treasury’s Jobs Fund, we will be recruiting unemployed Social Workers and Social Auxiliary Workers.  “We welcome qualified and registered candidates who do not have work experience. We know that many young people struggle to secure their first job and, for this reason, we have built strong mentoring, training, supervising and support skills in our teams. Caring for our carers is a priority,” says CEO, Gerrit Laning.

Social Workers are dedicated to seeking equality and social justice for all communities and helping people to achieve their own potential. Each day social workers help break down barriers that prevent people from living more fulfilling, enriched lives. They work on the individual level, helping people overcome personal crises like food insecurity, lack of affordable housing, or limited access to good health care. They also advocate on a systems level to ensure laws and policies are adopted so everyone can access such services.  De-stigmatising help seeking behaviour is one of Community Keepers campaigns. At the start of the school year they make an effort to invite new learners, especially the Grade 1 learners, to come and visit the therapy room and look at the therapy toys. Should a leaner one day need to use the service, the room is then familiar and the Social Worker is familiar.

If you would like to join our team visit CK.JOBJACK.co.za and select the option SKILLED JOBS