aaa school of advertising adopts CK

mental health

We had the privilege of working with the aaa school of advertising final year students in their client activation assignment.  The three themes were set as: Restoring Resilience (vlog/blog series), Creating Connection (App development) and Fostering Funds (crowdfunding).

There were seven groups and the big-reveal on Friday morning was beautifully choreographed kicking off with a deep dive into an engaging mental health App, next up was a series of crowdfunding opportunities including the sale of therapeutic activity books, and the event ended fittingly with a beautiful card-deck of positive affirmations and a soothing mindfulness exercise.

We were blown away by the depth of thought, thorough research, detailed costing and timelines, and their execution.  We can’t wait to follow the careers of these students.  This class displays a magical combination of raw talent and kind hearts.

Enjoy scrolling through a sample of their work.

Team “The Power of Four” designed these beautiful Affirmation cards: