“By caring for the well-being of our children we are looking after the well-being of our nation”
This term we’re very pleased to be opening a new CK office at Apex Primary in Eerste River.
Our model is very simple: we intentionally remove barriers to access (time, finances and distance) so that learners can receive the resilience building lessons, psycho-social support and therapeutic counselling they need.  Instead of expecting learners to make their way to social services or a psychologist’s offices – we bring the office to them.  We offer our service on-site, in-person or remotely, using a range of digital technologies.
Waroeska Marais (CK therapist based at Apex Primary) and Mieke van der Merwe (CK Area Manager)

In 2020 we opened 5 new CK offices in the under-resourced areas of Franschhoek and one additional CK office at a high school in Stellenbosch.  This CK office at Apex Primary is our 29th site.

We don’t work with learners in isolation, we include sessions with their caregivers, parents, guardians and educators; working hand in hand with the school, and the broader community, to build a culture of well-being where everyone can thrive.

Our dream is to offer this service in as many schools as possible and we actively seek out new partnerships to open new clusters.  We also make all of our resources available on our website and we’re currently building a library platform where schools can find relevant material that is easy to use.  The resources are translated into English, Afrikaans and Xhosa and we hope to add more languages, including sign language, so that no one is excluded.
We align ourselves to the Sustainable Development Goal 3 and our indicator is “subjective well-being” as we take up the challenge to leave no one behind, starting with the furthest first.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected our mental health, no one has been spared and our message is relevant for everyone.  Please join us as we destigmatise mental health, promote well-being and actively practice self-care.

Welcome to the CK community, Apex Primary.

Enjoy spending time in this child-friendly, safe space
where you are free to share your story
and we will listen without judgement.