CK partners with E3

We are very proud to announce a formal partnership with E Cubed which was signed this week.
“It’s a natural fit for us,” says E3 Executive Director, James Donald. “E3 ( has been supporting teacher development since 2018, our approach is based on the science of learning. We support teachers to create learning environments where learners can thrive and reach their full potential in life. Creating spaces of belonging and care is integral to learning and we value the opportunity to collaborate with Community Keepers to learn from their experiences in South African schools and classrooms.”
During the pandemic E3 rapidly developed a digital learning platform called TeacherConnect by leveraging the widespread usage of WhatsApp in South Africa. TeacherConnect gives teachers access to resources and information, regardless of their geographic location or socio-economic background. TeacherConnect currently reaches 11,416 schools across South Africa. We look forward to bolstering our psycho-social support content through this partnership.
“We have long admired the work of E3 and we now formalise our relationship through this MOU, to ensure that educators and learners get the emotional and social support they need,” responded CK CEO Gerrit Laning. “Exposure to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) including poverty, neglect, violence or abuse deeply impacts the well-being and educational prospects of learners who then live in survival mode characterised by fight, flight and freeze responses. These children face significant obstacles to their physical, emotional, and cognitive development and future employment opportunities. Without innovation in preparing schools to create safe spaces and teachers to be trauma-informed, these learners are at risk of developing a motivational deficit and are more likely to drop out of school.”
E3 is a public-private partnership that operates as an innovation unit within the Department of Basic Education (DBE). Their objective is to support the DBE to equip learners with skills and competencies for a changing world. They aim to support learners to thrive by fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, employability skills and lifelong learning capacity in the national education system by collaborating with stakeholders and driving institutional reform, curriculum transformation, and behaviour change.
Pic: Amanda van der Vyver and Elanie van Zyl with E3 Partnership’s Lead, Julie Williamson.