Mental Health First Aid

“Around the world, there is a movement acknowledging the gap in access to professional mental health services, and through a process of task shifting, people are being trained to serve as frontline personnel.
Access to services is especially important in a context where many South Africans are experiencing heightened anxiety and signs of depression and, left unchecked, there is a risk of people spiralling into mental and emotional ill-health which could include disengagement, hopelessness, violence or self-harm.
We realise that our Mental Health First Aid training can be applied in any context where human beings interact and support each other. We have, therefore, started offering the training to other NPOs and companies. The curriculum includes Trauma and Adversity, Containment Strategies, Understanding Boundaries, Listening Skills and Protocol for Referral Pathways.
This is in line with our approach of: mental health for all, by all.” Gerrit Laning, CK CEO
Thank you Mr P Home for the added comforts.