Standing up collectively against bullying

#GBV & #Bullying are in the spotlight and schools are welcome to use our free resources which can be found in our resource library on our website.

“The group work in the first term has been a huge success story. We often have incredible breakthroughs in individual therapy, however, this term was testament to the impact group work and discussion groups can have.

On the feedback forms many learners shared how their eyes were opened and their voices heard. I believe everyone could take something from these conversations.

GBV is a regular and everyday occurrence in this community, where violence and trauma are somewhat expected. Being able to identify our own stories through the #GBV clips that shared Themba and Mary’s stories helped learners to identify their emotions when these thing happen (at school, classroom, playground, with friends) and how they can respond to these emotions, whether the emotions belong to themselves or their friends.

The group of older learners, delved deeper into gender discrimination within their home and community environment, speaking to how gender roles in the house also perpetuate unhelpful beliefs and ideas around gender, which could lead to violence as well.

We designed a CK poster that illustrated every grade’s approach to dealing with #bullying. This prompted learners in Grade 6 & 7 to create anti-bullying posters for their school, being creative and standing up collectively against bullying.” Laurian Furneaux Visagie, CK Social Worker, Ysterplaat Primary School

Our “Stop Bullying and GBV” campaign is sponsored by National Development Agency and The Solidarity Fund