“It is one thing to photograph people.
It is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanness.”
Paul Strand


Much of our therapeutic work happens behind a closed door in a private, safe space.  How then do we ethically include our supporters, funders and partners in interventions that are confidential ? How do we tell our story ?

We were privileged to host documentary photographer, Lizelle Lotter, earlier this year.  She is well known and highly respected in the development sector where she documents hope with honesty.

The week of the shoot fell in the middle of a heat wave in the Winelands.  We darted from one school to the next, snatching precious time between classes and grateful for the group of learners, educators and parents who had kindly offered to model for us.   Little did we know that a few weeks later Covid-19 would hit our shores, schools would close and lock-down restrictions would mean that photographers could no longer work.

We have loaded up a series of images in our FLICKR albums and we invite you to step inside our therapy rooms to marvel at the colourful figurines, therapeutic sand trays, swings, boxing bags and the safe space.  Here, our clients are free to tell their story.