Task Sharing

In her monthly report, one of our Care Practitioners (therapist) shared this beautiful testimony about the new Care Facilitator (mental health first aider) who joined her office:
“The CP could focus more on what was highlighted/flagged, instead of feeling rushed to see current clients as well as the new clients on the waiting list. The CP can definitely start seeing a difference in the consistency of sessions with current clients. Since the CF started, the flow of administrative duties is also improving.
The CP will focus on conducting M&E sessions with the help of the CF. Bullying workgroups will also be done with all the grade 8 classes. The CF will be able to observe and do her first group session as well.
The office operations have already improved so much since the CF started. The CF is willing to learn and observes and asks questions. She is willing to adapt and has already been very hands-on with the waiting list.”
A warm welcome to all our new CFs and Candidate CFs. You make a real impact and we need each other. We are better together !