To help them cope

We have the most beautiful, colourful, welcoming therapy rooms at schools all across Cape Town and the Winelands. They are safe spaces for vulnerable children. Now, while our rooms are closed for lockdown, we have recreated our rooms into book format where we speak to children through play, and in their mother tongue.

For just R12 we can stay connected to these learners who are living in very difficult circumstances.

These children usually have free access to come to the Community Keepers rooms where they can talk to psychologists, social workers and counsellors. It is not always easy for them to articulate their feelings and their fears but they more easily tell their story through play.

While we are socially distancing, we are phoning each child, and their family, to stay connected and… these activity books help them to cope.

We need your help. Please.

For R12 you can ensure that one child receives all 6 books in the series.

For R24 you can help two children
For R60 you can help five children
For R120 you can help ten children

Right now, our children need us more than ever before – but they can’t reach us. These books could be that bridge, that lifeline that makes all the difference.


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Please send the POP to for your SARS18A certificate and a BEE certificate for your business.

Thank you ūüôŹ