Bernadino Heights High launch of their CK, on-site, psycho-social support service

Walking into this school you get a sense that this is a place to be very proud of,” said Paul Swart of Equalizer.  He went on to say: “Our factory is just up the road and many of our staff’s children come to school here so, the most important thank you I would like to make today is to the teachers.  The work that you do is incredibly valuable.  Teaching is very hard work.  We thank you, we honour you and may God bless you.  We trust that this CK service will be a support to you and free you up to focus on your academic responsibilities.”

Bernadino Heights High has been on our waiting list for quite a while now and when our funder contacted us to say that they would like to take a second school under their wing and open a second Community Keepers office, it was a real pleasure to call Principal Deon Wertheim and share the good news.

The school is seen as a “beacon of hope” in the community but the challenges they face are not to be taken lightly.  Space, as at all schools, is at a premium so we converted a store room into a confidential, safe space where learners, their caregivers and educators can come for support and encouragement.  Our service includes development work, the destigmatisation of help-seeking behaviour, early intervention as well as professional therapeutic intervention.  At Community Keepers, everyone is welcome.

In his speech, CK Chairman and co-founder, Andre du Plessis, encouraged the school to all visit the space so that it becomes the “water well” that everyone feels welcome to drink from.

A momentous occasion as Principal Deon Wertheim and Deputy Principal Mrs Erna Fransman cut the ribbon while CK Patron, Sherlin Barends, and Paul Swart, from Equalizer, look on. Hidden from view is our Chairman Andre du Plessis.

Our guests from Western Cape Education Department Metro East. Alicia Hoorn (Social Worker) and Lluwellyn Michaels (Psychologist)
A point of pride is that many of the educators at Bernadino Heights High are alumni who have returned to their school as teachers
We the teachers at Bernadino Heights High strive to guide the pupil as a whole towards responsible adulthood. Convince the pupil to take responsibility for their own lives. Cultivate the necessary principles for a successful and happy future. Lead pupils toward excellence in: Academic performance Linguistic proficiency Physical prowess Cultural sensitivity Human competence Instil discipline, reliability, punctuality and other life skills. Encourage involvement and goodwill of parents and the broader community. Establish school pride and a rich school tradition. Cultivate an academic atmosphere – making relaxation and teaching a pleasant experience. To offer learners high quality knowledge and skills in a focused curriculum.
Reece Carstens (CK Area Manager), Juhanne Britz (CK Head of Therapeutic Services), Philidene Thomas (CK Care Facilitator), Elanie van Zyl (CK Area Manager) and Amanda van der Vyver (CK Educational Psychologist)

The joyful spirit of the Bernadino Heights High educators is infectious, we look forward to partnering with them.


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