The Jannie Mouton Foundation extends their support to include a local farm school

Vlottenburg Primary is a farm school on the outskirts of Stellenbosch and today we were hosted by their Principal, Charmaine Abrahamse, as she read a short passage from our website:

At Community Keepers we welcome the ‘disruptive child’; the ‘difficult teenager’; the learner who is withdrawn, anxious or angry;
and those who appear to cope but are masking, to keep the peace.
These are the learners who need us most.

She referred specifically to those children who appear to cope and thanked The Jannie Mouton Foundation for extending their funding agreement to now include Vlottenburg Primary.

Tables were decorated with the words of learners, parents and educators who shared their perspectives on the counselling service.  The Grade 3 learners entertained us with the well know children’s rhyme “Ek’s ‘n dapper muis.”  Dressed up and with painted faces, we marvelled at their confidence and animated faces as they performed.  We deliberately did not film or take photos as, part of our commitment to respecting children is not revealing their identity.

In his speech, our Chairman reflected on his own childhood and his recollection of two teachers discussing him and their views on his shortcomings.  Those words cut like a knife and haunted him.  Years later he found the space to reconcile the hurt.

It is not often that a room is filled with educators, therapists, parents, the funder and the learners. It felt good to be together as a community.

Children tell their story through play and PEP sponsor our little figurines. Gerrit, our CEO, loves to stand beside guests as they are drawn to the shelf and start to share memories from their own childhood or reflect on symbolism which is significant to them
Joané Geldenhuys, CK Therapist at Weber Gedenk Primary, and Janie van Rooyen, CK Therapist at Lynedoch Community School, came to show their support
Clarenise and Mieke look forward to welcoming Monique when she starts next month.



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