End of 3rd-term report to update our partners and funders on our activities

October is Mental Health Awareness Month and the slogan for 2020 is: Mask your face and not your feelings.  It is not easy for our learners to share their personal story and their feelings from behind a mask.  The younger learners really struggle when they get emotional and start crying and our team really struggles to hold back from placing a caring arm on their shoulder or giving a comforting hug.

It has been a challenging term and we look forward to taking a short break before returning refreshed and ready for the fourth and final term of the school year.  Before we do so, we have compiled a report to update our partners, funders and friends on our activities so please follow this link Sep 2020 Funder Feedback Report.

If you would prefer a copy sent by email, we will be happy to arrange that.  Click here to send an email request.

Thoughts, questions and suggestions are always welcome and we invite you to send your comments directly to Gerrit or Meriel.