Amandla Kasa was born and raised in Zone 7 Sebokeng in Vanderbijlpark, on 16 June 1985. As a young boy, he experienced South Africa’s shift from a state of emergency to the country’s first democratic elections in 1994. However, promises of a united Rainbow Nation were met with the reality of continued racism, inequality, poverty, and violence.  Thanks to his father’s love of books and his grandmothers’ and mother’s spirituality, he was equipped to navigate his way out of the township.

His visual journey started with the flow of candlelight in his maternal grandmother’s kitchen, to change of seasons, including the different forms plants take, to the different color palette of sunrise and sunset.

Amandla is intrigued by human behavior within structural spaces, from the homeless to the commuters. He views the art of storytelling as one of the forms to engage on topics affecting humanity.