Molo, good day and goeiedag

We always tell our learners that if you write down your goals – you will achieve them.

Our goal has always been to partner with 100 schools; we thought it may happen by 2025 and, when Covid threw curve balls, we thought it may happen by 2030.

This month we received confirmation from National Treasury’s Jobs Fund that they are supporting us over the next two years to open an additional 40 sites, bringing our partner schools to 75 and our reach to well over 65 000 learners and their caregivers.

We have been sitting on the edge of our seats and holding our breath while waiting for this news.  Now that it is official, we feel incredibly fortunate but, at the same time, a bit nervous.  This growth means that we will be venturing beyond our borders to partner with schools in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape, through a network of very capable partners.

More than ever, we are relying on you, our faithful and familiar supporters, to ensure that we move into new communities calmly and carefully, while continuing our work in the communities that we currently serve.

Thank you for your role in making us strong, resilient and confident about the work that we do – you have helped us to build a firm foundation.

Our next newsletter will be shared early in December and we will include a summary report on the activities and impacts of this year before publishing our more comprehensive Annual Report in April.  In the meantime, please continue to send us words of wisdom, messages of encouragement or book a site visit, we’d love to host you.

Take care
Gerrit and the CK team