Self Esteem

Self-Esteem refers to the way in which you think and feel about yourself.  Having a good self-esteem means that you like yourself, that you are proud and believe in yourself.  Having a low self-esteem means that you don’t always feel very good about yourself, that you might feel unsure and hard on yourself.

Ways to strengthen your self-esteem:

Positive Affirmations:

    • “I am good enough!”
    • “I am a good person!”
    • “I am proud of myself!

SURROUND YOURSELF with people who make you feel good.

Stop negative thoughts about yourself

  • ”I can’t do this”
  • ”I’m not strong enough”

By complimenting others, you help strengthen their self-esteem.

REMIND YOURSELF about the things you are good at.

Set realistic GOALS for yourself

Try new things.