At the end of September CK therapist, Joané Geldenhuys, sent out this video to all of the educators at her primary school on How to deal with Aggressive Behaviour in the classroom.

When they returned after the school holiday, she thought that it might be good to give each teacher a resource that they can use in their classrooms to help encourage positive behaviour in class.  She gave each educator at the school 10 wooden pegs with encouraging or positive messages on them, to give to the children as a token of acknowledgement when they catch the children doing something right/good!
Baie oulik. Gaan dit definitief toepas
Love this!
Awesome and educational ♥️🙏👌
Lovely idea
Such a positive thing to do!
Shukran for sharing..
Thank you for teachers still caring about our children😎👍🙏
Great idea. Love it❤️❤️❤️
Its a great idea to try at home too🤠
Dis ‘n oulike idee, Joané Geldenhuys🙂
Chantal en om dai positive vibe te stuur kos jou letterlik ‘n pakkie wasgoedpennetjies